Integrity is one of those concepts whose depth of meaning sometimes gets diminished in the commonality of its usage. Integrity is most often associated with honesty, fairness and morality, yet if we reflect on its etymological origins (Latin – integritās) of wholeness, entireness, completeness, we can connect with a holistic image of ourselves and identify what elements are integral to our creating a balanced and full life.

Living a life of integrity is living a life that aligns with your values and  nurtures your best self. It is being aware of your priorities and principles so the energy you expend and choices you make support your sense of purpose. Although we cannot disavow the knowledge that comes from intellect and experience, we should not underestimate the wisdom of our gut instinct, for that is where our core character resides.

Although becoming conscious of integrity requires additional time and focus, in the long run it will save you much stress and struggle as future challenges and opportunities will be seen with more clarity and insight.

To better understand your relationship with integrity, take a few moments to read and respond to these five inquiries.

  1. Where does integrity show up most in your life?
  2. What areas of your life do you feel that integrity is lacking?
  3. How do you gage whether you are in or out of integrity?
  4. What public figures or private acquaintances do you think of as living a life of integrity?
  5. Identify a tolerance you are living with or something you’ve been meaning to do. What will it take for you to complete that task in the coming week? What will it feel like when it is off your ‘to do’ list?



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