IMG_3116    Transitioning to a New Year is both simple and significant. Simple in that it happens like clockwork without any effort on our part. Significant…well, that is subjective. It depends on what you UNDERSTAND it to mean in your life. As the door to 2013 closes and the one to 2014 opens, I see it as an opportunity to step up to the threshold and meet my old friends Possibility and Potential. Of course, I also recognize that they come with the baggage of Fear and Uncertainty which often contain compartments where Failure and Regret have been packed. But I UNDERSTAND and accept these terms.
There are multiple levels of UNDERSTANDING, the concrete cognitive act of knowing something as a fact or inevitability, the less tangible notion of perception and discernment, and the more emotional interpretation of having appreciation of, or empathy for something. UNDERSTANDING is deepened when we find a way for objective fact and value judgments to work in concert rather than competition.
As we embark on a New Year some people will make resolutions, institute new patterns of behavior and assess their accomplishments of the past year and opportunities for growth on the horizon. Others will just move forward without any particular acknowledgment not wanting to repeat the failed declarations of the past. No one attitude is better than another, but it is hard to ignore such a prime opportunity to take a moment to reflect, examine and UNDERSTAND what is meaningful to you.
IMG_3077 The good news is that if you forget to do it on January 1st or lose momentum a few weeks in, you are free to create rituals of UNDERSTANDING throughout the year – be it the first of every month, when there is a full-moon, on your birthday or anniversary, during a weekly day of rest, when the clock hits 11:11 or through your own regular practice of journaling, meditation or some other activity that stimulates your cognitive and conceptual processes.
I highly encourage my clients to come up with a values-based theme of their own for the coming year. If you’d like help formulating one, contact me for a complimentary discover session. In the meantime I offer a wish that 2014 be a year of UNDERSTANDING, where we all take time to increase our knowledge of, empathy towards and appreciation for ourselves and others.

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