IMG_3267When was the last time you experienced WONDER? When you were able to be with the unknown in a state of astonishment or awe without feeling compelled to find the answer, figure out the solution or resolve the mystery? We live in such a fact-oriented results-driven culture that sometimes we deprive ourselves of the sensation of being astonished by something beyond our control and outside of our intellectual comprehension. Before we had science to explain the rise of the sun, the movement of the tides and the miracle of birth, we had mythic stories and fabled legends to offer explanations to the questions, “Why are we here?,” “How are we connected?” and “To whom are we accountable?” These sacred speculations satisfied our curiosity by igniting our imagination and linking us to realms that did not require physical proof. But now we are smarter, more informed, and better equipped to master our surroundings and influence our destiny. We understand about planetary rotations, reproductive processes, and the scientific relationship between cause and effect.

“Wonder is the opposite to cynicism and boredom.” ~ Rollo May

But what about the things that cannot be explained and quantified?

  • What about our instincts and intuition?
  • What about our dreams and drives?
  • What about coincidences and synchronicity?
  • What about myth, magic and miracles?
  • And what about the anomaly of each and every one of us?

IMG_3270Do you ever sit back in wonder to reflect and admire who you are? Do you marvel at the impact you have had on others who have been witness to, beneficiaries of, and co-conspirators to your thoughts and deeds? Have you taken stock of what you have accomplished in your life…what you have created…what you have overcome. Whether intentionally initiated or spontaneously responded to, do you ever wonder what forces have been pushing you from behind or compelling you forward?

Many of us do not take time to wonder about such things because it seems futile to ponder questions for which there are no concrete answers. Yet there is a gift in not knowing…in appreciating what is and welcoming whatever is next. It takes the burden of being the informed expert off your shoulders and plants the seed of curious novice in your heart.

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities,  but in the experts’ there are few.” ~ Shunryu Suzuki

There are some people who will read this and feel that such a perspective is cheesy and immaterial…I wonder what possibilities they might miss?



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