IMG_5525Please don’t let the limited options for values that begin with the letter Z make you think that I write about Zeal with anything less than the intense enthusiasm, fervor, or devotion it deserves.  I don’t know if I can say that The Coach’s Alphabet has been a noble passion, but it has been an ardent endeavor that initially started as a marketing device to concisely explain the benefits of coaching.

First, I developed The ABC’s of Coaching: Accountability, Balance & Choice.  Approaching the project with a sense of Discovery, it started to generate its own Energy.  As I moved through the alphabet, writing about values became really Fun and its simplicity introduced an element of Grace to my work.   I tried to weave some Humor through each post but was committed to maintaining the Integrity of my mission to help you find Joy through Knowing yourself better and to create positive change from a perspective of Love rather than lack.

Exploring the values that bring Meaning to all that you do is a process that Nourishes the soul within and leads to Opportunity in the external world.  Befriending your values prepares you to pursue your Passion and attain Quality results and relationships.  It is through honoring your values that you will earn the Recognition you deserve and reduce the Stress you don’t.  Your values connect you to a personal Truth that helps you to better Understand yourself and others.  By becoming familiar with the Variety of values that add to the Wonder of your life, some of the mundane and even exasperating aspects of life can suddenly seem eXtraordinary.  And from there, well, you just can’t help but adopt aa Youthful attitude that helps you go after what you’ve always wanted with confidence and Zeal.

IMG_5409 - Version 2It has been an honor to share Volume 1 of The Coach’s Alphabet with the individual clients, the creative groups, and the organizational teams that I have coached, and all of those who have responded to these columns to let me know that you found value in my exploration of values.  Thank you all for adding so much value to my life and enabling me to pursue my vocation with Zeal.

* Click on any of the above highlighted words to take you to the blog post that explores that value. And if you want to explore how these values show up in your life, contact me for a complimentary 30-min coaching call (

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