Doodle DThe Coach’s Alphabet is a dictionary of values, as I believe that living our values is the key to living a life of value. Can we include delight as value? It is a feeling, a mood, an experience…but a value, I don’t know for sure. What I do know is that I want more of it—more moments of intense happiness, pleasure, satisfaction, and joy flavored with a bit of lightheartedness and whimsy.

I have noticed that I often experience delight when I fix something small or resolve a minor problem using wit or ingenuity. Years ago I was working as a temporary assistant in an office where the phone was ringing incessantly as the person on the other end was attempting to send a fax to our phone number. My boss rolled her eyes, told me that this happens all the time and instructed me to pick up the phone, wait for the annoying beeping sound and then hang-up. This continued to happen multiple times a day for multiple days. Finally, it occurred to me to use the conference function to transfer the call to the fax line—wallah—message received. The fact that the solution was so simple yet no one else had thought of it just made the moment that much more delightful.

I recently felt delight when, after putting it off for days, I called my cell phone carrier to resolve a data-overage issue. Prepared for a long hold time and contentious conversation, I was delighted to find that not only did I get connected to an agent almost immediately, but she was pleasant, capable, and willing to help find a resolution. I don’t know if she found delight in her job, but the fact that she did not come across as wallowing in bitterness and regret for the life choices that placed her there, enabled me to set aside any of my assumptions and projections that would have blocked the portal to my delight.

IMG_5190I find daily delight in taking care of my dog, and not just because he is exceptionally adorable, but because he is joyful, appreciative, and on occasion seems to find delight in me.

Where do you find delight? Is it some creative or athletic experience, is it being entertained or entertaining others, is it solving problems or taking care of someone else? Whatever it is, do it more often and allow yourself to feel it more deeply—even if only for one delightful moment.

If I can be of assistance helping you discover or revive your delight, please contact me at for a complimentary coaching call. It will be my absolute delight to talk with you.


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