Doodle FIs it really worth reading a column on how FUN can make our lives more FUN? It seems like a no-brainer, yet, our schedules are so filled with maintaining our businesses, homes, health, and families, that we can go days, weeks or sometimes months without any real sense of play or deep satisfying pleasure. But FUN is not a frivolous luxury. According to British psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott (1896-1971), integrating FUN and play in our adult lives is necessary to relieve the strain that exists between the external “real” world and the internal world of our unconscious, both of which influence our day-to-day reality.

FUN is one of the best and easiest ways to breakthrough status quo and experience yourself at your intellectual and creative best. It leads to new perspectives, refreshed attitudes, and a sense of energy and joy that ultimately attracts more energy and joy.

To help you move from theory to action remember this acrostic: Focus, Unique, Nostalgic

  • Focus – Focus on what is fun for you. What activities bring out your playful nature? Do you like passive activities like listening to live music or watching the sunset? Or do you thrive on the energy of playing tennis or creating an art project?
  • Unique – Children seem to be more inclined to have fun because they exist in a natural state of curiosity where so much is new and wanting to be discovered. What activities have you always wanted to try, or skills you’ve always wanted to learn? Even if the process is physically challenging or mentally taxing, putting yourself in this state of “beginner’s mind” can be exhilarating. It can also help you check something off your bucket list. (To read more about Beginner’s Mind, click here.)
  • Nostalgic – Taking the opposite approach to trying something unique is to engage in an activity that you used to love but haven’t done in awhile. Did you previously play in a band, on a softball team, or just love to build sandcastles on the beach or draw pictures on the edges of your notebook? These are all things that you can make happen without much effort.

IMG_5190Maybe you don’t have time or stamina to take a class, put a band together, or join a sports league—but, you could attend a lecture, go to a karaoke night, gather friends in the park for a game of Frisbee golf, or just take silly pictures with your dog. Don’t let the “all or nothing” attitude that serves you well in other areas of your life work against you when it comes to FUN, because you might just end up with nothing.

Be creative and be conscious about having FUN. And if you still feel too overwhelmed with all that is on your plate and can’t contemplate adding something new, then pick something that is already on your TO DO list and ask yourself, “How can I make it more fun?” Need some ideas… contact me at and I guarantee we will find ways to FUNify your life!



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