About Coaching

I love Life & Business Coaching because it is a pro-active collaboration where the coach and client work and play together to identify the realities of your present and maximize the potential of your future.

If you are in a period of transition, on the verge of a new adventure, or just crave more balance, fulfillment, and fun in your personal and professional lives, I want to help you identify, pursue, and achieve the results you desire.

Please take a moment to browse my site and discover how coaching can support you in identifying, pursuing and achieving the life you desire. And then contact me for a complimentary sample session so we can start that future today!


“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Mary Oliver

b. 1935

History of Coaching

The word “coach” originated in the village of Kocs, Hungary, where horse-drawn coaches were invented. Literally, a coach is a mechanism designed to move a person from where they are to where they want to go. A professional life and business coach helps their clients assess their current level of productivity and satisfaction, establish goals for increased performance and quality, and guides them to an improved sense of balance, well-being, and success.

“Stacey’s coaching helped me through a difficult and stagnant time in my career and personal life. With her guidance, I was able to become more focused and goal-oriented, and to open up to greater possibility in my environment and within myself. I have accepted myself as a work-in-progress, and will continue to apply the skills I learned from Stacey to achieve success and a higher consciousness.”

Deborah C.

Special Events Director

For more information, click here and check out the ABCs of Coaching!

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