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Known for my professionalism, accessibility, and ability to galvanize individuals and teams, I have been a certified coach for 15+ years. With a background in psychology, management, and creativity, I am committed to establishing safe and stimulating environments that foster communication, collaboration, and imagination. Currently, I serve as Adjunct Faculty in the Business Schools of the University of New Haven and the University of Connecticut where I am a Service Learning Faculty Fellow selected to create a course on Social Change through Storytelling. My workshop and training portfolio includes: Adventures in Autobiography, DeFrag Your Life, Dynamic Discovery thru Doodling, Manage Your Time and Manage Your Stress, and Mary Poppins and the Paradox of Perfection.

My business acumen, broad organizational perspective, and sense of humor evolved while working in Hollywood for CBS, DreamWorks, and The Walt Disney Co.; on the Oscar & Emmy Awards; and as an instructor for Comedy Traffic School—which is the ultimate misnomer. I am passionate about helping individuals and organizations identify their purpose and maximize their potential, all while integrating a sense of play into work and life.

“Stacey has been a tremendous professional resource I continue to respect and can rely on. Stacey helped me identify and develop new approaches to a number of personal and professional challenges that were impacting my goals and plans. Her genuine passion to help others is evident throughout her work and is complimented by her years of client experience and her proven mastery of the art of coaching.”

Victor Paru

Director, Strategic Communications, Fairway America


“Stacey Zackin has been an inspiration to me as both coach and mentor. She is living, walking proof that no matter how you “feel,” if you just keep walking forward, your world will open up for you. She is a coach who is dedicated to the well-being of her clients and provides a coaching environment that gently and powerfully propels you forward. If you are committed to your own process and moving forward, Stacey is the coach for you. She works expertly with motivated, active clients who truly want to make a difference in own careers and lives.”

Dean Regan

Musical Performer

My credentials include 2 certifications as a Professional Coach, Master’s Degrees in Industrial Social Work and Non-Profit Management and a sense of humor that can transform almost any aggravation into an engaging story. I also hold a Master’s and a PhD in Depth Psychology, which explores the mysteries hidden in the depths of the unconscious that reveal themselves through relationships, dreams, personal narratives, ancient mythology, active imaginations, and other forms of creative expression. My doctoral dissertation is on The Psychology of Hospitality: Creating Welcoming and Inclusive Environments. Through my extensive research I have developed systems to help individuals and organizations maximize their resources, develop strategies for optimal performance and productivity, and become more hospitable and receptive to themselves, others, and the world around them.

  • PhD in Depth Psychology (Pacifica Graduate Institute – Carpinteria, CA) – primary areas of research: Hospitality in the Workplace, Corporate Storytelling, and Values-Based Behavior
  • Master’s Degrees in Depth Psychology (Pacifica Graduate Institute – Carpinteria, CA), Industrial Social Work (University of Southern California – Los Angeles, CA), and Non-Profit Management (Hebrew Union College – Los Angeles, CA)
  • BS in Film/Photography Production (Ithaca College – Ithaca, NY and London, England)

Through theCoach4you, the coaching and speaking practice that I founded in 1998, I have worked with hundreds of individuals and organizations to identify their potential and create effective strategies to achieve desired outcomes while increasing their sense of vision and vitality. In addition to serving as adjunct faculty in the University of Connecticut’s School of Business, my additional roles include teaching adult education at Manchester Community College, volunteering as a Life/Career/Business coach at the Viscogliosi Entrepreneur Center, working as a Senior Health Coach for Take Shape for Life, and being an authorized facilitator of Oasis in the Overwhelm—a system of stress-management techniques.

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Coaches Training Institute
  • Senior Health Coach, Take Shape for Life (TSFL)
  • Authorized Facilitator, Oasis in the Overwhelm™

“The neurotic who learns to laugh at himself may be on the way to self-management, perhaps to cure.”

Gordon W. Allport


“Stacey is positive, passionate and professional. I worked with Stacey for nearly two years. When we first met I was in ‘wannabe’ mode. With the support, guidance and wisdom of my coach, I am now in ‘being’ mode. My sessions with Stacey were a mix of checking in, gentle prodding, clarification, refocusing and supporting me in my breakdowns and the resulting breakthroughs. I am now a published author and have a successful coaching and consulting business.”

David Couper

CEO, Coach and Author, David Couper Consulting

I love what I do and am always amazed by the changes people can make when they commit to the coaching process with the confidence that they have someone on their team to help them create a structure of success and hold them accountable to their potential. As coaching is a conversation, it is highly effective via the phone, FaceTime or Skype, so regardless of where you live, if you are curious to discover if I am theCoach4you, please contact me for a complimentary sample session.

email: Stacey@theCoach4you, cell: 818-590-5372

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