“I enjoy learning from Stacey because she always manages to reach a beautiful balance between structure and spontaneity that enables each participant to feel ownership of the lessons they need to learn. Stacey inspires the commitment required for personal exploration and growth. She creates the time and space for the individual to take his/her personal journey and provides the necessary tools, support, and relationship(s) to succeed.”

Kevin Wise

Accountant and Business Owner, SCI Business Group

“Always upbeat and positive, sometimes brash and provocative, Dr. Stacey is a straight-shooter who never disappoints with her keen insights and sharp wit… five thumbs up!

Maura Kernan

Communications Consultant

Stacey was a great help to me over the last 6 months. I found her at a time when my world was in chaos. She was a great help in helping me align my values to goals and holding me accountable in taking action steps. She is very professional, to the point and doesn’t waste your time. During the weeks, she always followed up with me checking on my status and got me back on track. I plan on continuing our relationship as she is a great coach.”

Howard Coro

Founder, Coro Enterprises LLC - Speciality Automotive Group

“Stacey really kicked my ____ in gear. She didn’t let me slack off. She always made me see my highest possibilities.”

Lisa Bevis

Photographer and Editor, Lisa Bevis Photography

“I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with Stacey for over 4 years. She is passionate, helpful, respectful, and easy-going. She was a joy to work with and always lent support when needed. Her creativity led to many amazing ideas and successful programs. Her work ethic and professionalism cannot go unnoticed as well.”

Natalie Shy

Loan Analyst and Outreach Coordinator, Jewish Free Loan Association

“Stacey was an amazing career counselor for me. I am a senior at the University of Connecticut and am just beginning the interview process for full time positions for when I graduate. Before meeting with Stacey, I was very nervous and unsure of myself while interviewing. My speaking and eye contact skills were very poor, but together we worked on correcting those. She gave me various helpful tools and tips to become more confident and prepared for interviewing. Whenever I email her with a question, I always get a speedy, detailed and incredibly helpful response. Stacey has been a huge help with my career building process and I recommend her to anyone and everyone looking for career advice!”

Alexandra W.


Feedback from Workshop Participants

  • “A great space to set goals, get perspective, meet friends and find the courage to make positive growth and changes.”
  • “The coaching program honestly changed my outlook on relationships, setting goals and being accountable to self and others.”
  • “I learned about letting my values guide my goals and decisions.”
  • “The program helped me to visualize my goals and to transfer them to reality.”
  • “I’ve learned to work through the negative, which hinders moving forward.”
  • “I have experienced the power of the coaching model in helping me and others approach life with intention and integrity.”
  • “I’ve come away being more organized and fearless about asking for help.”
  • “I’ve learned to identify and live by my values, go with my instincts, live each day to the fullest and appreciate the small things.”
  • “It’s a perfect program to get ‘stuck’ people ‘un-stuck.’”
  • “The coaching process has changed the dynamic of how I respond to coaching, and how I give support and advice.”
  • “It has been liberating to define myself as what I am, and what I’m not. It is now easier to say no to something that doesn’t fit with who I am.”
  • “Coaching taught us to focus the purpose of our life around the intangibles that no one can take away from you.”
  • “It’s a lot easier to stay on track with my goals now that I have identified what drives them.”
  • “FANTASTIC; an opportunity to work on goals with built-in support from peers.”
  • “I now assume more accountability for the changes I need to make.”
  • “Coaching is a transformational process. It is simple but not necessarily easy.”

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