Jewish Values Coaching

Values are the building blocks of life, coaching, and Judaism. Jewish tradition provides centuries of wisdom, infinite tools, and effective rituals to spark curiosity, encourage reflection, challenge perspectives, and establish a structure for balance and fulfillment. All of the secular subjects listed under Corporate, Personal, and Career Coaching (add links) can be delivered with a Jewish twist, and below is small sample of some services and programs specially designed for non-profits and the Jewish community. Please contact me to discuss how theCoach4you can offer you any of the following services:

Key Notes

  • The Heroism of Hospitality: Reviving the Jewish Mitzvah of Pro-Actively Opening our Home and our Hearts to Others
  • I’m Not a B*tch, I’m a Prophet: How Telling it Like it Is will Strengthen Your Community
  • Every Jew Has a Story: Anecdotes, Metaphors, and Memories oh my! Using the ancient art of oral storytelling for personal and professional success.

And many other topics that can be adapted to your community’s needs and/or weekly parsha.

Personal Midrash

Midrash – From a root meaning “to study,” “to seek out,” or “to investigate.” Often people use the word “midrash” to mean a post-biblical story that fills in or embellishes some missing aspect of a biblical story or embellishes it. A more technical definition of traditional midrash might be: Stories that expand upon incidents in the Bible, to derive a principle of Jewish law or provide a moral lesson. This same literary device can be used to explore the events of our history and find special meaning in our past and its relevance for today.

Kenahorah Coaching

Kenahorah Coaching takes a focused look at the dual lens in which we can view the world and how we can change the perception of others. This program integrates personal psychology, organizational behavior, emotional intelligence, and Jewish mysticism to refocus our perspective and invite the “good eye” to lead the way.

Value Your Values:

The Relevance of Torah & Tradition

A Rabbi once shared with me his observation that the Torah is the first official coaching manual as it is a treasure trove filled with opportunities to explore, experience, and embrace the values that make life more satisfying and meaningful. My Valuing Your Values system is a simple but impactful exploration that helps participants discover (or re-discover) their high-priority values and how they can be integrated into day-to-day life. This engaging and interactive program is intended to shift perspective from feeling at the mercy of a tiresome routine, habitual attitudes, and external demands, to being at choice in terms of our attitudes, actions, and associations.

Funded by a technology grant for Jewish Education through the University of Southern California and Hebrew Union College, this thought-provoking and interactive website offers reflection questions on 23 Jewish values. Used for individual or communal development, this resource is a fun way to explore how Judaism serves as a guide to living a meaningful life and a life of meaning.

Get-To-Know-You B*I*N*G*O*

A fun community-building exercise perfect for an Oneg Shabbat or as an ice-breaker at the start of any event. Everyone has a bingo card with typical words you might hear in day-to-day conversation at a synagogue such as office, vacation, school, books, Shabbat, Hebrew, Israel, mitzvah, etc. As emcee, Stacey asks for three volunteers to sit at the front of the room and be interviewed. Through their answers they say words on the bingo cards, eventually leading to a winner who then takes their place in the front of the room to be interviewed. It is not only a very fun and stimulating activity, it gives members of the community an opportunity to learn about each other.

One-Person Show: A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To Enlightenment

This 50-minute one-person show is a collection of monologues based on the beauty and bewilderment involved in the journey of a Jewish woman attempting to reconcile the lessons she learned in Hebrew school with her scholarly studies of Judaism in graduate school and the realities of working as a Jewish communal professional. The show ranges from a humorous retelling of the repercussions of my Bat-Mitzvah (and first perm) taking place on Friday the 13th to poignant insights learned via adult relationships, ultimately leading to my finding faith and fulfillment in the Jewish values of my traditional upbringing.

Feedback about the show:

“Hilarious, honest, and penetrating. While this is Stacey’s story, it may well speak to many about their Jewish journeys and personal search for meaning.”

“This is a clever one-woman production that explores the challenge faced by many of us where Judaism and modernity intersect.”

“Stacey donated her time, talent and expertise to present a one person show at a fund raiser for our chapter of Hadassah International. Her ability to use storytelling, humor and values to convey her understanding of life’s experiences was both entertaining and emotionally satisfying. The audience was falling off their seats with laughter, and nodding their heads in recognition of our common experiences. Her continued involvement in community, educational and business sectors is proof of her leadership, intelligence and charitable qualities. Great speaker!”

The Coaching Havurah

The Coaching Havurah is a 10- to 12-month program of reflection and personal growth in a faith-based group setting intended to provide participants a structure for individual success while building strong communal relationships.

Through monthly workshops, weekly action plans, daily support from peers, and private coaching sessions with facilitators, havurah members experience a deeper appreciation of their strengths, empathy for their challenges, and confidence in their ability to achieve a life of balance, fulfillment, and satisfaction through the lens of Jewish values, identity, and community.

Life Coaching is a holistic process that recognizes the connectivity between personal, professional, spiritual and physical health. By blending coaching strategies and life skills with the exploration and discussion of Jewish tradition, participants will receive and provide support, resulting in a renewed sense of purpose and increased productivity.

The target population can be narrowed to a specific demographic, but must include individuals seeking to proactively develop their sense of balance and well-being in a Jewish context. The coaching model works best with groups of 8 to 26 participants.

Feedback from past participants:

“The coaching program honestly changed my outlook on relationships, setting goals and being accountable to self and others.”

“The program helped me to visualize my goals and to transfer them to reality.”

“I have experienced the power of the coaching model in helping me approach life with intention and integrity.”

“It has been liberating to define myself as what I am, and what I’m not. It is now easier to say no to something that doesn’t fit with who I am.”

“I’ve come away being more organized and fearless about asking for help.”

“I’ve learned to identify and live by my values, go with my instincts, live each day to the fullest and appreciate the small things.”

“It’s a perfect program to get ‘stuck’ people ‘un-stuck.’”

Biography of a Jewish Community Engagement

My lifelong engagement in the Jewish community has included attending Hebrew school until the age of 17, surviving my Bat-Mitzvah (which was on Friday the 13th), spending summers at Young Judaea camp as both a camper and staff, participating in United Synagogue Youth’s six-week Israeli Pilgrimage, and attending Hebrew Union College-JIR in Los Angeles where I earned a masters degree in Jewish Communal Service/Non-Profit Management, was awarded the Rosalind Ellenson Prize for Commitment to Social Concerns, received an Education Technology Grant for my interactive website of Jewish Values (, and presented a one-person show titled: A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to Enlightenment that was composed of seven monologues about my Jewish upbringing and one tap dance to Hava Nagillah.

While training to be a Coach, I was simultaneously taking an adult education class on mitzvoth. When the Rabbi teaching the course made the observation that that the Torah is the first official coaching manual, I began to see the inherent connection between life satisfaction, vocational fulfillment, and Jewish Values. After receiving my professional certification from The Coaches Training Institute, I focused on my mission to bring personal coaching into professional environments and Jewish communities. That is when I decided to return to school, simultaneously attending HUC and USC’s School of Social Work. Next, I worked five+ years as a Program Director overseeing young professional development at Sinai Temple in L.A. where I received multiple grants for the design and delivery of my yearlong leadership curriculum called The Coaching Havurah. Since returning to my home state of Connecticut, I have finished my doctoral dissertation, served as a Leadership Consultant & Co-Facilitator of the Frank Stavis Leadership Program at the Greater Hartford Jewish Federation and Mandell Jewish Community Center, and led programs for satellite groups of Jewish Employment Transition Services.

Like Jewish tradition, coaching helps to make the mundane activities of every day sacred and brings a sense of the sacred into day-to-day life. I am passionate about bringing my brand of Jewish Values Coaching to help Jewish professionals and community members use their heritage and identity to enrich every aspect of their lives.

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