The Psychology of Mary Poppins

Published on p. 12 in Depth Insights: A Scholarly E-Zine for the Jungian and Depth Psychology Community

“We cannot have the extraordinary without the ordinary. Just as the supernatural is hidden in the natural. In order to fly, you need something solid to take off from. It’s not the sky that interests me but the ground…When I was in Hollywood the [script] writers said, surely Mary Poppins symbolizes the magic that lies behind everyday life. I said no, of course not, she is everyday life, which is composed of the concrete and the magic.”

P. L. Travers

(1899-1996), Author, Mary Poppins

Be Your Best Self:

A Holistic Plan for Emotional Wellness

  • Written by: Terry Kendall, Psy.S., NCSP
  • Illustrated by: Stacey Jill Zackin, Ph.D

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